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Many regions of the world today use irrigation systems for artificial distribution of water. One of the most widely used irrigation systems, particularly where water is scarce, is a sprinkler irrigation system wherein one or more sprinkler units are positioned above a land area.

Government of India is also encouraging such systems by providing subsidy to the farmers. Sprinkler systems are used in almost all field crops like Wheat, Gram, Pulses as well as Vegetables, Cotton, Soya bean, Tea, Coffee, and other fodder crops. Also suitable for Residential, Industrial, Hotel, Resorts, Public & Government Enterprises, Golf Links, Racecourses.

SPOORTHY sprinkler are manufactured high quality raw materials and state of the art machines, which gives resistance to harsh natural climate. SPOORTHY sprinklers are result of extensive research and experience, so that user can be rest assured of quality and performance.

SPOORTHY sprinklers pass through stringent quality tests before reaching the user.



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